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The Kingdom of God is Also Like…

The Kingdom of God is Also Like… published on No Comments on The Kingdom of God is Also Like…Purchase

Connection.  Methodists use it to describe how we function as a church.  It started with John Wesley’s organization of classes, societies, and conferences…a way for everyone to be connected to Wesley for communication and accountability.  Today, it has a lot more to do with the way UM pastors are appointed, the connection hundreds of clergy and laity in Annual Conferences, and all UM churches through General Conference.

This is rooted in a biblical concept that the church is a group of people united across time and place by the Holy Spirit inside all those saved by Christ.  Because the Holy Spirit is working in everyone, the Church is always called outward, to follow the Spirit to lift the brokenhearted discover Christ more richly together.

This comic came out of a random story I was telling my daughter in the car.  You can interpret it however you’d like.  I used it to talk to district youth about the importance of following the Spirit in connection together.

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