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The Fantastic Quadrilateral – Part 1

The Fantastic Quadrilateral – Part 1 published on No Comments on The Fantastic Quadrilateral – Part 1Purchase

The infamous Wesleyan Quadrilateral, devised in the 60’s and 70’s by Methodist scholar Albert Outler, it has now became so important to Methodists everywhere that it’s one of the make-it or break-it questions in the ordination process.  It has been abused because of the dorky name, and the predisposition to think that Scripture becomes an equal authority with Tradition, Reason, and/or Experience.

Here’s the secret.  Scripture is the primary authority.  EVERYONE INTERPRETS SCRIPTURE (certainly not just Wesleyans), and Tradition, Reason, and Experience are the only ways anyone interprets it.

The Fantastic Four was literally the perfect way for me to teach and make fun of the Quadrilateral.  Hopefully I don’t get sued.  Anyway, stay tuned the next few weeks to see how our new team solves important decisions in the history of the church!

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