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Kitty Pride

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I don’t know what I like better, that Charles Wesley had a cat he named “Grimalkin,” or that he wrote the cat a hymn.  Here’s the full song:

I sing Grimalkin brave and bold / Who makes Intruders fly, / His claws and whiskers they behold, / And squawl and scamper by.

The fiercest Cats before his power / Fly swifter than the wind, / Over the walls and houses scour / But leave their Coat behind.

Their Coat I shall preserve from harm / As a Victorious Trophy: / T’will keep Mamma so pure and warm / Or make a Muff for Sophy.

A smile it will from Sister gain, / A Kiss from Hetty Farley / And rouse into a tuneful strain / The jealousy of Charley.

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