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Junker Jorg

Junker Jorg published on No Comments on Junker JorgPurchase

This is the 50th Wesley Bros comic!  I thought it would be fun to celebrate with all four of my most recurring characters.  Martin Luther’s alter-ego, “Junker Jorg,” (actually pronounced YOON-ker, and means ‘George the Knight’) is seen wearing a post-apocalyptic Derelicte jacket…but he kind of ended up looking like a steam-punk lawn gnome.

Also to celebrate, I’ve got SIN BOLDLY #YOLO shirts available for sale, complete with two small prints (one from the comic, and one of Dietrich Bonhoeffer especially only for the tee-shirt offer).  When I pulled them out of the box, one of my co-workers saw them and said, “What are these devil shirts?”  Don’t you want everyone to have that same reaction when you wear yours to the next church picnic?  Get it now at

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