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By George: The Furious & The Fast

By George: The Furious & The Fast published on No Comments on By George: The Furious & The FastPurchase

George Whitefield had propelled the Methodist movement out of the church building and into the fields, where thousands and thousands were coming to hear him and the Wesleys.  But Whitefield held the standard Anglican tenet of limited atonement, unconditional election, and the perseverance of the saints (basically – God has chosen some to be saved and others to be damned since before time, and it is impossible for the elect to lose their salvation).  Whitefield was appalled with John Wesley’s “new” teaching on christian perfection and free grace for all.  This came to a pretty big face-off that split the Methodist movement in half.  We’ll look more next week at what propelled the schism.

George preached so often and so intensely that he was known to regularly vomit blood after most of his sermons.  That’s the sort of thing my grandfather would say to me: “They just don’t make preachers today like they used to.”  No.  No they don’t.

Lastly, this was the first comic I’ve done where I had the perfect punchline, but it was so wonderfully inappropriate that I actually decided against it, so as not to put the job that actually pays me in jeopardy. And THAT is why I’ll never enter the comics hall of fame 🙁

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