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By George: Faith of Our Fathers

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Church History can be depressing, especially if your name has become a byword for “HERETIC” across the ages, like poor old Pelagius.  This comic was inspired by a dear Calvinist buddy of mine referring to Wesleyan Christians as “Pelagians,” therefore implying we are heretical poop heads.  It turns out that really the only thing we know about Pelagius’ teachings comes from his enemies, and that he was actually found to be within orthodoxy (meaning, not really a heretic).  I like to think that what really happens in Church History is that somebody says something nuanced and profound, and then their followers take it to the extreme and ruin it for them.  I also like to think of Pelagius having the voice of Raven Symone.

This comic will be dramatically concluded next week while Pelagius continues to be maligned by the Remonstrance and the Synod of Dort.  OH SNAP!

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