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Backwashed For You

Backwashed For You published on 2 Comments on Backwashed For YouPurchase

Why’s everybody so concerned for Communion servers to Germ-X their hands?

This comic is born from actual experiences I have had serving communion to people who don’t know we served by intinction (dipping the bread into the juice), or just forgot and thought the best thing to do after they chewed their bread was to spit it out and dip it into the cup. ¬†We can get you a new piece, I swear.


Oh, this is so true!!! Although, I feel I should confess my biggest Communion faux pas – I once consecrated a ham sandwich on a hoagie roll that had been left by a communion steward going through a crisis. She left it in the (unheated, thankfully) sanctuary a few days before the midweek service, thinking she was leaving a small baguette, not her lunch. I was the only one who got food poisoning from it, fortunately.

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