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The REAL Wesleys

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John is wearing contacts in this picture. Also, this pic was taken when they were literally giants.

John Wesley (June 28, 1703 – March 2, 1791) and his younger brother, Charles (Dec.18, 1707 – March 29, 1788), were Anglican clergy in England who began the Methodist movement resulting in many Christian denominations to this day.  John, an organizational genius, created a unique small groups movement focused on committed discipleship.  Charles is probably most famous for the hymns “O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing,” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”  Both men were prolific, Charles writing thousands of hymns, and John a compendium of journals, letters, tracts, and sermons.  Though John gets most of the glory for founding the movement, I don’t think he could have pulled it off without his brother, Charles, who was right there every step of the way–keeping John in check.

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