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People You Should Follow

People You Should Follow published on No Comments on People You Should Follow

If you’ve enjoyed Wesley Bros, check out these great web comics:

Rueben Bolling’s Tom the Dancing Bug

Kate Beaton’s Hark A Vagrant

Reza Farazmand’s Poorly Drawn Lines

David Wilkie’s Coffee With Jesus

David Hayward’s Naked Pastor

Corey Mohler’s Existential Comics

Blogs that influence or have featured Wesley Bros:

Joel Watt’s Unsettled Christianity

Jeremy Smith’s Hacking Christianity

Sarah Arthur The God-Hungry Imagination

Confirm Not Conform (featured an interview with me)

UMC Lead (featured an interview with me)

Lent Madness (Featured Wesley Bros artwork when Charles Wesley won the brackets last year!)

Every Day I’m Pastoring

Theology Ryan Gosling

Unvirtuous Abbey

You can also follow Wesley Bros in the Opinion Section of and!

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