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There Is A Name For These People

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Mark Driscoll is pastor at Mars Hill in WA, and has made quite a name for himself as a chauvinistic cussing hipster pastor that can beat up Jesus (because he won’t worship a wimp).  There are loads of Christians who still use scripture to silence women, Mark’s not the first or last.  I thought John Wesley and the first female Wesley comissioned as a Methodist preacher, Sarah Crosby, ought to reflect on the news of Driscoll’s early rants under the pseudonym William Wallace. I don’t know why I thought it would be funny to draw Teddy Roosevelt as the manliest man ever who says rude chauvinistic things to Sarah, maybe I just wanted to draw that sweet mustache.

The third panel is a paraphrase of Wesley’s actual words.  It kind of saddened me that a quote about women’s rights from 250 years ago would still be applicable today.

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