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Springsteen Lied To Me

Springsteen Lied To Me published on

Sometimes people love to study about Christ, but get really annoyed by the people who are actually passionately living like Christ.  Learning about God is crucial, but if it’s not connected to a pursuit of God in the way we live, what’s the point?

The Holy Club days at Oxford is considered the “First Rise of Methodism,” started by Charles, and of course taken over by John.  These future-pastors dedicated their extra-curricular time to intensely living out the Gospel.  They visited prisoners, cared for the sick, gave away all their money after what they needed for basic living.  They couldn’t go to chapel without the lame burns (seen above) from their fellow future-pastors.  Yet every one in the Holy Club went on to make a significant impact in their community and world.  Hmmm….

I couldn’t resist connecting the Holy Club to Dumbledore’s Army.  I would be totally cool if they changed the name from “United Methodists” to “The Order of the Phoenix.”


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