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John & Charles’ Excellent Adventure

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Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.  Wouldn’t it be MOST EXCELLENT to meet Jesus in person, like, because you had a time machine?!

You could finally find out what LITERALLY happened, and Jesus could just answer all your questions and tell you what the score will be for this year’s Super Bowl so you could win SO many bets!  He would look like all the fan-fiction paintings of Jesus, would speak our language, and know how to finish your Doctorate Level Quantum Physics exam.

But what does it mean when the Church asserts that Jesus was not just “all God” but also “all human”?  Did the one who humbled himself to obedience, even death on a cross, not also empty himself of other things as well?

At the very least, it means that God chose to enter humanity at a particular time in human history, to a particular people, with particular expectations. Every year I teach confirmation, one of the big take-aways for kids is that A) Jesus was not ‘white,’ B) Jesus did not speak English, C) His name sounded more like “Yeshoa.”  Seriously, kids are astounded that Jesus didn’t speak English, a language that wasn’t even invented yet when he was around.  Most non-triumphant!  Even if you could just show up in a time machine, I seriously doubt the historical Jesus would magically know how to talk to you in English.  What does it mean for us as Christians to really hold to the humanity of Jesus alongside his Divinity?

Fun Theology Words for the day:

Hypostatic Union – Not just the way your pants and socks cling together after you take them out of the dryer, the Church asserts that Jesus is fully God and fully human, all bundled up in one person: Jesus of Nazareth.

Kenosis – “self-emptying,” based on Philippians 2:5-11, the Church believes that Christ “did not consider equality with God something to to be grasped, but emptied himself to obedience – even death on a cross.”  This does NOT mean that Jesus was ONLY human.  The Kenosis of Christ is also a pattern for Christian living, where we sacrificially empty ourselves to obedience to God.

Mad props to youth ministry consultant, Dwayne Stinson for hooking me up with Aramaic words for Jesus.  Check out his website and use his services!

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