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Illogical Ontology

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I promise I wasn’t on drugs when I wrote this.  I love X-Files, I’ve watched every episode about 10 times each.  Mulder’s quest for to know more and more about the truth he already believes reminds me of St. Anselm of Canterbury’s concept of “faith seeking understanding.”  This does not mean an attempt to replace belief with knowledge, but is rather a challenge to believing something just because you’re told.  Real faith is always searching to know more about the truth it already believes.  Within this concept of faith, Anselm sought to prove the existence of God…a proof which is quickly cast aside by many who do not begin with a presupposition of faith (especially, Immanuel Kant).  I am no philosopher, and have tried to wrap my brain around ontological conversations (the study of the nature of existence), but I always end up bowled over and befuddled.  Which is also how I felt at the end of X-Files when they tried to summarize years of mythology that didn’t really all go together…

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