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Handshake Line Blues

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Church folk can say some trifling things.  It is wise to not respond with the first thing that comes to your mind.

But it is wise to look at some of the sick burns from historical church figures against people they deemed heretics.  Martin Luther is the only direct quote up there.  You should follow “Lutheran Satire” and look up the Lutheran Insulter website right now so Martin can put you in your place.

Tertullian was a witty early church father, who sarcastically said a variation of what I’ve given him up there.  John Wesley’s sermon “Almost Christian” (found at this link) challenges so-called Christians who have a form (or appearance) of godliness but deny its power…namely a rich love for God and for neighbor.  St. Thomas Aquinas is just mad that nobody’s taking him out to Applebee’s.

If you’re a church folk, think about love of God and love of neighbor before you harshly criticize your pastor.

If you’re a clergy person, do the same before you respond.

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