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Duet With An Old Guy

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Mike Friedrich is a Deacon in The United Methodist Church who formerly wrote and edited comics for DC and Marvel, as well as his own publication, Star*Reach (a groundbreaking sci-fi anthology in the ’70’s).  He wrote for beloved characters such as The Justice League of America, Batman & Robin, Ironman, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, and more during the Silver Age of comics.

And then out of nowhere, he sent me an email one day saying that he enjoyed Wesley Bros!  I mean how freakin’ cool is that?!  So I asked him if he’d use all those years of talent and write me a script for a WB comic strip.  We had a great time collaborating from across the continent.  He did a great job capturing the personalities of the bros, and we finally get to find out what Charles is listening to in those headphones he’s always wearing.  It’s an honor to partner with a legend like the Rev. Deacon Mike Friedrich!

During seminary three years ago my favorite and most influential course was “Pop Goes Religion,” taught by the esteemed pop culture theologian Dr. Richard Lindsay.  We studied how to view popular culture as having a two-way conversation with theology (most religious folks expropriate elements of pop culture but are not willing to be informed by it).  Later, I was introduced to fellow United Methodist Deacon Charlie Baber’s on-going “Wesley Bros.” comic strip, which embodies this ethos, and became a fast fan.  A few months ago Charlie invited me to submit a “guest script.”  I can’t say I jumped at the chance, since it’d been 35 years since I’d last written a comic for publication and those gears were rusty, but a couple of weeks ago an idea popped into my head and I dashed it off.  I’m actually an admirer of Lady Gaga’s work, but couldn’t resist making fun of her.  Thanks, Charlie!  — Mike Friedrich

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