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Cocky Cockroach New Creation Vacation Bible School – Part 2

Cocky Cockroach New Creation Vacation Bible School – Part 2 published on No Comments on Cocky Cockroach New Creation Vacation Bible School – Part 2Purchase

When the Spirit of the Lord is upon my heart I will dab like David dabbed.

Let’s talk about Vacation Bible School dance moves.  If you’re using any major VBS curriculum, your best bet is to just play the music videos in front of your kids and sort of fake the moves along with all those beautiful, happy superstars on the big screen.  Church leaders around America are spending the summer preparing for and leading VBS…the perfect opportunity to hide God’s word in the hearts of children who otherwise have little or no connection to the church.  It’s just that mostly, our curriculum is so driven towards marketability that mostly what we’re teaching our kids is that you can have fun in church.  Who’s to say whether that’s a missed opportunity or an updated version of field preaching to reach people that otherwise might never hear the gospel at all.  Curriculum is meant to be a springboard for you to have some basic ideas that you can then use to do the hard work of actually connecting to your students, following up with them, and going beyond the excitement of an event to practice discipleship with families.

The series continues next week, when I get to be the up front guy doing these dance moves and talking to a puppet in real life at my own church!

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