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By George: Turning Up the Dutch Oven

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We continue our look at the historical fight to solve the problem of God being all-knowing/powerful and humanity’s apparent free will.  Jacob Arminius had grown up Calvinist but began to think its rigidity ran counter to much of the Biblical understanding of God’s loving interaction through history.  The Remonstrance (French for ‘argument’) was a movement of Arminian Dutchmen who espoused their argument against Calvinism the year after Arminius died.  Simon Episcopus of the Remonstrance was especially displeased with how Calvinist dogma had become more important than practical theology that applied to the way we live life.  So the Synod of Dort (a meeting convened in Dort, Holland) met the next year to solve the theological problem.  They were pretty much all Calvinist, and 5-Point Calvinism was defined from this meeting as a one-for-one counter to the Remonstrance.  They exiled Arminians from Holland, and decapitated the Arminian political protector, Van Oldenbarnevelt.

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