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By George – Howell Low Can You Go

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Sometimes history is stranger than fiction.  George Whitefield was often stoned and even showered with dismembered cats by hecklers who opposed his preaching.  Sometimes children who loved Whitefield would stand between him and the people casting stones.  It’s unlikely that those people were Wesley’s minions, but nobody knows.

Howell Harris was a Calvinist Methodist who worked hard to reconcile Whitefield and Wesley.  The two leaders did eventually shake hands and walk away from the controversy with a mutual respect, but the damage had been done, and the followers of both parties continued to harbor distrust.  Wesley published a sermon “Catholic Spirit” in 1750, outlining how Christians can “think and let think,” or agree to disagree while living in respect of each of others’ desire to know God more.  Charles wrote a hymn about this as well, which I paraphrased in the second panel up there.

With a cat head in mouth, thus we end the By George series.

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