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By George – Free Grace (Stix & Stonez Remix)

By George – Free Grace (Stix & Stonez Remix) published on No Comments on By George – Free Grace (Stix & Stonez Remix)Purchase

John Wesley published “Free Grace,” an Arminian sermon denouncing Calvinism as blasphemous.  He argued that any doctrine of unconditional election (humanity has no choice–we are either saved or damned) and limited atonement (Jesus only died for the ones he would save) denies all of the scripture which claim God loves all, that God wishes for none to perish, that God is no respecter of persons.

All that is a great argument, but it took it further and says that Calvinism leads to people living unholy lives, that Calvinists live lives of fear without assurance of faith–but Arminians never doubt their assurance.  There’s quite a few points in his argument that are incredibly weak–and George Whitefield calls him on it (coming next week!).

I wanted to convey how divisive this message was by turning it into a fisticuffs match between John and George.  Charles Wesley had written a song (Unlimited Redemption) that went along with the Free Grace sermon, and I think that today, music carries messages to the masses much more than preaching, so I just went with a Rap Battle, to be continued with George’s rebuttal.

I printed two comics today, so be sure to read the previous one if you missed it!

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